John Deere fault codes / John Deere diagnostic trouble codes

EXAMPLE: for “ECU 1347.07 / ECU 001347.07” like error click on ECU codes

ATC codes – The ATC is controlling the ClimaTrak automatic air conditioning system
BCU codes – The BCU is controlling the basic functions of the tractor and the rear hitch
BIF codes – Basic Informator – controls the display, indicators and instruments
DSM codes – The DSM is responsible for the keyboard of the DTI (the quick access keys of the CommandCenter).
DTI codes – CommandCenter (DTI) – allows the operator to carry out various adjustments and to retrieve data
ECU codes – The ECU is responsible for controlling the engine. Computer that controls the fuel, air, and ignition systems on the engine.
EPC codes – The EPC is the controller for PowrQuad PLUS and AutoQuad transmissions.
ETC codes – The ETC is the controller for the heater and air conditioning system
HTC codes – The HTC is the controller for the heater (no air conditioning system)
JDL codes – JDLink
PLC codes – Electronic Park Lock with AutoPowr/IVT Transmission
SIC codes – Control unit for the ESCVs/EICVs (Selective Control Valves)
SSU codes – Controller for AutoTrac automatic steering system
TCU codes – Control unit for AutoPowr/IVT transmission
TEC codes – Interface for tractor equipment. ISOBUS
TEI codes – Tractor Electronic Interface
TSC codes – The TSC controls, coordinates and manages all functions required for front wheel drive axle and cab suspension
UIC codes – Transmission Control with AutoPowr/IVT Transmission
UIM codes – The UIM (User Interface Module) is responsible for the keyboard of the GreenStar Display 2100/2400
VTI codes – The VTI controls the GreenStar Display 2100/2600.

CCU codes – Chassis Control Unit
ICC codes – Instrument Cluster Control
PTH codes – Power Train Hydrostatic Control Unit
PTR codes – Power Train Reverser

ACU codes – Armrest Controller Unit ..
ASU codes – Active Seat Control Unit ..
BRC codes – Front Brake Control Unit
CAB codes – CAB Control Unit
CSM codes – Cabin Switch Module
HCC codes – Hitch Control Unit
HV1 codes – Hitch Valve Control Unit
PDU codes – The primary display unit (PDU)
PTI codes – The Power Train Control Unit
PTP codes – The PowerShift Transmission Control Unit
SCC codes – Selective control valve CAN control unit

CLC codes – Cab Load Center Control Unit (CLC)
VLC codes – Vehicle Load Center (VLC) Control Unit
SFA codes – Suspended Front Axle Control Unit
SV1 codes – Selective Control Valve Unit 1
SV2 codes – Selective Control Valve Unit 2
SV3 codes – Selective Control Valve Unit 3
SV4 codes – Selective Control Valve Unit 4
SV5 codes – Selective Control Valve Unit 5
SV6 codes – Selective Control Valve Unit 6
SV7 codes – Selective Control Valve Unit 7